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Thread: Good enough for Heroics?

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    Good enough for Heroics?

    Hey there.

    I'm reasonably new to this tanking lark and I hear good things about this site so...here goes

    Here is my profile: The World of Warcraft Armory

    (If its back to the PvP set the highlights are 544 def, 19.5k hps, 13k armour before presence. Should be roughly 21.5khps and 23k armour by my calculations with it up. dodge/parry 10.86% & 13.49% (23.49% with blade barrier) respectively, pretty much 29-39% avoidance at any given point, again before HoW agi buff.

    Basically I'm wondering if it's good enough to handle heroics? I've had some people moan about the hps (to the point they wouldnt even enter the instance) so I should mention that I'm about to acquire a titansteel helm which will drop my defense to about 537-538 by my calculations (this is why it's at 544 atm, between helms basically), but give me a good extra chunk of HPs and that obviously frost presence isnt showing up

    Shortcomings as I see it are hit and expertise, however I've been concentrating on getting to the 'uncritable point' in the gear available first and foremost since everything I've been reading suggests this and only this is priority#1.

    Any feedback would be most welcome (be gentle!).

    Thanks guys

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    Your only shortcoming for beginning easier heroics is your lack of HP.

    Best thing to do is just farm mats for and make Tempered Titansteel Helm, slam some good gems in there, and get Revered with Argent Crusade. You should be at around 22,000 hp by then.

    Otherwise, here is a concise list of gear DK's ought to shoot for for starting heroics:

    World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> DK Tank Gear Guide: Uncritable before Naxx

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks for that. I actually have that in the mail from a guildy.

    My beermat math puts me around 23k hps at this point.

    Good to know it's under control. Thanks.

    Edit: Helm arrived. 23.5k hps now, 538 def as predicted. Sweet
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