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Thread: Obsidian Sanctum Sartharion (3 Drakes)

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    The guild im in attempted this last night as a 10 man zerg.

    We had

    1 healer (pally)
    1 tank (warrior)
    8 dps

    We had a druid taunt and kite Tenebron away from the raid at around 30% of sarths health while dps burn him down.
    We managed to get him to about 19% before either the tank or healer died.

    Is this the way 10 man can be done? I know it got changed with a later patch.
    Or should we use the druid to tank the other drakes?

    I cant find an updated strat of 10 man zerg or normal.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    We did it about a month ago with a warrior tank and a druid healer. It took around 56 seconds so I think the tanks cds lasted him through the added damage from Tenebron but since I wasnt tanking myself I am not sure. He did die in the very end before Sarth died (because the healer got so many adds on her) and after us having killed of Tenebron quickly the other two never landed for some odd reason. I have tanked it once since and chaining my cds when the first drake landed kept me alive til Sarth was dead even while tanking both of them.

    If I remember the second time correctly one of the plate wearing dps chars used some AoE when the adds came to keep them off the healer and I think this helped the healer a lot from getting constantly pounded upon.

    This was all done on 10 man btw as the previous poster asked about.

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    i know this is a old thread but if ciderhelm or anyone else knows what addon on he is using for the chat long and everything on the bottomof the screen i would like to use it.

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    Heard this boss was hard

    This boss was hard


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    Quote Originally Posted by Reives View Post
    This boss was hard
    I still have fond memories of this fight. Yes, it was hard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kahmal
    ...there is no true progression for a casual anymore, just hand outs.

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