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Thread: Weapon Upgrades

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    Weapon Upgrades

    I am trying to work out what weapons to look for as an upgrade.

    I am TG Fury Specced.

    Currently I am dual wielding Armaggedons with mongoose on main hand and +85 attack on off-hand.

    I am working on mats for Massacre and Bezerking but will probably only replace the +85 with massacre and hold onto the bezerking mats for a bit.

    What 2 handers left in Naxx are a worthwhile upgrade. BOH looks good and I might get to see that soon but if I do it will be a while before I get a chance at 2. What else would be an upgrade on armageddon?



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    Betrayer of Humanity - Item - World of Warcraft

    //Edit: Oh, you mention the betrayer - tbh I don't think there is much else better than Armageddon

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    That makes life easier I was wondering about other weapons like the Jawbone etc.

    I may just dump Bezerking and Massacre straight on the swords and wait for BoH to drop.

    Is there a guide to 2 hander weapons kicking around anywhere on the site? I think I have got reasonably lucky picking up these 2 armageddons in a short period of time but if I hadnt then weapons are the only thing I hadnt planned out an upgrade path for.

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    Other than Betrayer and Armageddon, your only dual-wieldable 2hand options that are ilvl213 or higher are Death's Bite and Jawbone. I personally prefer Armageddon x2 until you're able to get your hands on Betrayers, unless you're really lacking hit or something, Armageddon is almost always better than Death's Bite. Jawbone is okay, particularly in the mainhand with its slower speed than DB or Arma, but I'm not really sure if you'd find any particularly worthwhile results out of mainhanding a Jawbone and offhanding an Armageddon, either.

    At any rate, I think it's safe to say Armageddon is the best offhand you can get 99% of the time until you get your hands on a Betrayer. Jawbone mainhand may be debatable, but I still think Armageddon might be just as good if not better. Your honest best bet would probably be to stick with double Armageddon until you can get Betrayers, but if you want to play around with some other choices depending on your gear, I'd recommend hopping over to elitistjerks.com forums, under Class Mechanics - Warrior, and finding a Fury DPS spreadsheet or something of the like that you can tune to your stats to suit your needs.

    gl with it.

    EDIT: I should include that Inevitable Defeat would also be another ilvl213+ TGable option, but given the stat allocation on it, I don't really think that it would be better than Armageddon in the vast majority of scenarios either. Also, here's a link to the most up-to-date Fury DPS sheet as of yesterday: FuryDPS Calculation Spreadsheet - Elitist Jerks
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