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Thread: Broken Promise - Speed/Rage generation

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    Broken Promise - Speed/Rage generation

    So i picked this sword up:

    Broken Promise

    I was running a blue axe, so this is a nice upgrade.

    I was aware of the slow weapon speed of 2.5 vs the usual 1.5 - 1.6 tanking weapons. I am running a deep wounds build, so new it made it viable, for tps.

    I have found that im running rage starvation on trash fights and have to totally take HS out of my rotation.

    Even if i focus on just one mob im nearly losing aggro in a trash fight to the other classes. When it comes to boss fights, I race ahead with aggro without trying to hard.

    My question is this: Should i farm Slayer of the Lifeless, and run this sword on trash and switch back to Broken Promise for boss fights?
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    This is a matter of habit. I have run with broken promise for one month, the first week I was disappointed because I have run with 1.5 - 2.0 weapons for two years. You have to adapt your dps/tps cycle and accustom with this low speed, use glyph of vengeance for free HS, find ways to maximize your rage generation, etc. but when it will done, you'll see it's a great sword, even for trashs.

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    for destroying threat meters not really. heroic strike has too much innate threat on it for faster standard 1.6 weapon speeds.

    for dps meters though i noticed a ton of DPS from it from deep wounds and rend, only thing is though, most of the fights i use last laugh because of it's superior dps and anti-rage starving thing, (i can get off shield slams faster usually with smaller chunks) especially on guys like noth and heigan. i probably won't go back to a 2.5 weapon until it's average dps is up to par with last laugh.

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    Tried it and had the same issues, primarily lack of rage and a huge drop in TPS, (1-1.2k if omen was accurate). Given a fair part of our threat being procs (Revenge /S&B) I assume this was whether the threat had gone along with being stingier on HS/Cleave.

    Last laugh dropped the following week which made it academic on what to use when tanking. However I've dug it out of the bank when I got another lollipop to have a play around with dual wield tanking again. Unless there's enough rage around to justify its use, given the way 51 points in prot works out.
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    When I was using the broken promise, I though it was very easier to insert HS on rotation. On boss fights I could HS on 90~95% of melee hits.

    Now I just got Last Laugh, and it has been VERY dificult to insert HS on the melee hits. On my last patchwork fight (10man) i hitted around 60% HS and 40% white melee hit. BUT, my dps and tps increased, I dont really know for sure; 2.3k dps on him.

    On loatheb (10man) i could just use HS every 5 or more seconds, no rage at all (i was using a shield block gear).

    Should I try harder to insert HS on EVERY melee hit using a 1.6s weapon?
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