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Thread: Need Help guys with my Rotation!!

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    Need Help guys with my Rotation!!

    Hey guys, first and foremost I am new to the site and love it, so forgive me ahead of time if my post may wind up in the wrong area. I have decent gear and all, but I feel as if my rotations are completely hindering my damage and or what damage I could be doing. I have two other DPS warriors and they destroy (they are a farcry better than me) and I strive to do what they do in our raids but seem to fall short each time. That is where I need your help fellas.

    Simplified-my rotation::
    BT / WW / Slam(if BT crit** now not so much considering they nerfed it) HS. I admit that HS is not my favorite so it is not used as widespread as maybe it sould be but I am getting better at it within my rotation.

    Guys tell me if I am just completelt hosing it up or whatever, I thank you all.

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    If you use WWS or something similar for your raids perhaps you could have a mooch at their activities and see if there is anything noticeable? Assuming parity on gear, +hit/+expertise ratings?
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