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Thread: Eeew Fury gear?

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    Eeew Fury gear?

    Atm Im fairly sure about my tanking gear, but I'm trying to build a Fury set and not quite sure what exactly to aim for (stat/gear).

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Im going to be putting 8 x 16str gems in the missing slots, and nothing is yet enchanted. As far as I can tell I should try and get expertise capped, and then str?

    Any gear pieces easily upgraded?

    Thanks & have fun


    (btw anyone else feeling dirty when speccing fury?) :-)
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    Ice Strikers Cloak is an easy upgrade. Titansteel destroyer is another easy upgrade. Also, since you are exalted with Wyrmrest you could upgrade your bracers and go with the Dragonfriend Bracers. Yes they are leather, no it doesn't hurt you, even with armored to the teeth. They are just bracers! They are cheap, and they are definitely a DPS upgrade. Your AP seems a little low for your gear, maybe go +16 strength gems and as you said, nothing is enchanted. But the gear is good, you'l be fine once you get some +16 str gems and enchants there.

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