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Thread: How to improve this guy efficiently?

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    How to improve this guy efficiently?

    Hi guys,

    I started tanking for a little while ago and it's fun! I'm playin a prot pala and not rly sure how to improve my little dwarfling right.

    Armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    My stats in an overview:

    • HP: 23254
    • Armor: 22218
    • Dodge: 20.65%
    • Parry: 15.56%
    • Block: 12.16%
    and a little bit of hit/expertise (I'm lacking of it...). What concerns me is, that my block value rating is that low - can't imagine that this is normal!? Maybe my gemming is wrong? Could this guy enter naxx 10 as OT position or are my stats too bad?

    Maybe some1 can give me a little tip/adivce.

    thanks for reading, regards.
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    yeah you'll be fine. but if your entire raid is geared just about the same then yeah it will take a few days to clear naxx10

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    For guild runs sure. PUG, don't expect many invites. You're missing a ton of heroic/badge gear.

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