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Thread: Need help with my warrior

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    Need help with my warrior

    Yo everyone. Im Lederhosen. Im new to these here parts but the reason Im coming is to get help with my tank. I feel pathetic and weak with him. I can tank but I have problems and I need advice in terms of my spec and my rotations i should use. I tend to end up low on rage or have a long period where I cant do anything because I dont have rage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you're rage starved the first thing you'll want to cut back on is Heroic Strike. Without a steady supply of incoming damage (which at your level nothing hits hard enough to give you infinite or near-infinite rage) Heroic Strike can be a real rage hog because it both costs rage to use and also denies you the rage you would have gotten from the white hit it replaces. To boost your rage income you should use Berserker Rage every cooldown and Bloodrage with the minor glyph (I LOVE that glyph now).

    As for rotation, open with a Shield Slam, Devastate until SS cools down, Shield Slam again and repeat. Since you don't have Sword and Board yet you're stuck with the 2344 rotation, that being Shield Slam, Revenge if it's lit up, Devastate Devastate and repeat.
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    Armory Suggestion and Rating forums is where these types of posts should go.


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