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Thread: Alchemy vs. Blacksmithing

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    Alchemy vs. Blacksmithing

    I started raiding my alt 3 weeks ago and decided to drop his old profession and pick up JCing. I've mostly recovered from the intial gold hit and am thinking about picking up BSing and dropping alchemy. My only problem is I would lose the Alchemy trinkett. (have the JC one and the Alchemy one- Thadius 10 man is unkind to me, but i have the Azjol trinket in reserve) I've recently replaced a couple of items and have been flirting with 102.4 (slightly above/below) avoidance for some time. I would lose it if I went to Bsming.
    With my current setup, I would gain 36 stam from the trinket at the expense of 50 dodge, and drop below 102.4. Anyone know offhand the total health difference between a flasked, properly specced (mostly) protadin with mixology vs. the gain from blacksmithing? (48 stam + protadin talents - health gain from Mixology on flask) Any thoughts about this switch in general? Thanks in advance.

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    BS would probably be better choise in the long run once epic quality gems get introduced, increasing the benefit of having those extra gem slots. They also give you full benefit all the time and gives you freedom in deciding how to use them (avoidance, hp or maybe threat)
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