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Thread: Rotation Problem Azjol-Nerub

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    Rotation Problem Azjol-Nerub

    Hello All,

    Whats the rotation your using to tank Heroic Azjol-Nerub. Currently im using SS, Revenge Devaste. Shockwave, ThunderClap and Heroic-Strike whenever there's enough rage to burn em. In that order.

    Seems like the mobs aren't being disposed of quick enough. I always mark skirmishers first and casters second, whatever third. Ever pull I heroic throw caster and I start the rotation listed above. Seems like group is never able to burn the mob before second one is already on top of me. Any suggestion tips and help would greatly be appreciated.

    Any hints would help

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    What is the problem ....

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    Depends on what mobs are in the pack. If its the undead casters, I like popping Shield Reflect whenever I can and Shield Bash to interrupt/Silence, just to mitigate damage, plus reflected spells increase threat.
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    The only thing unusual about Azol'nerub is those 4 packs before the first boss.

    The skirmisher mobs will ignore aggro - those need to be kept stunlocked and killed asap.
    The caster mobs have a nasty Shadow bolt which can be reflected.

    In groups with a caster mob - get some aggro on the melee mobs then charge up to the caster, try to reflect a spell and you have solid aggro on everything. If the group has both casters and a skirmisher - well its a pain

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