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Thread: Mitigation tank looking for ups?

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    Mitigation tank looking for ups?


    I'm probably about the 4th tank down for my guild...I don't tank a lot and normally am Ret or Holy before I'm prot. In my armory I'm currently prot, and have been and probably will continue to be heavy mitigation. While it's not the best I know my limitations for the most part. I have SOME other gear, but it's not a lot and it's definitely not the best. I will be working on my avoidance gear but for now I'm looking to round out my mitigation set. I believe I've knocked hit off my chart (with holy shield) and would like to move block down a bit and parry/dodge up a bit while keeping my block around where I need to be to keep hit off my chart. My block value is 1396 unbuffed, 1472 with kings, about 1600 raid buffed, around 2500 with trinket and libram proc.

    Really I roll on offspec stuff with a lot of other DPS classes and as of now am the only prot pally with a decent set, but knowing my role will be limited I'm not sure that I should/would ever go heavy avoidance.

    So my question is, what should I change. My stam is a bit low but some of my gear is pretty bad too :/.

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    At your gear level theres not much to do except wait for naxx 25 to roll around every tuesday

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