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Thread: Another irritating armory rating/suggestions post

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    Another irritating armory rating/suggestions post

    ^just like the title says. The World of Warcraft Armory If you have the time, please take a look at my gear/enchants/gems, and see if you find any gaping flaws, or small suggestions. Thanks much.
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    I would probably consider switching some of your defense or dodge gems for expertise, at least to cap boss dodge. Should help your threat a ton.

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    You're way over the defense cap so I would suggest replacing all your yellow slots with 16 hit. I would also suggest replacing all your red slots with 16 expertise as your expertise is pretty low.

    26 expertise is the minimum that you should have to remove dodge off the table. It nets you a total of 12.9% reduced chance for a boss to avoid your attacks which is huge.

    To make up for the loss in stam you can replace your chest chant with HP and I would regem the gun with straight 24 stam.

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    change all your defense gems to either expertise/stamina or stamina

    replace your repelling charge trinket with the lavanthor's one, you'll boost your blockrating significantly

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