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Thread: Of Dual specs and 5 mans

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    Of Dual specs and 5 mans

    Not sure where this would be appropriate but hey, general is a good bet.

    So I was checking out the thread called "a prot warrior not tanking..." and dual specs came up.

    The way I thought bliz would implement it is have two specs you have. Perhaps add another tab at the top of your talent tree window titled "spec 1" and "spec 2" or somesuch. That way when dual specs is added you'll have a second spec with full talent points reset that you can just assign talent points to. Then whenever you click onto "spec 2" you can be that spec. For example, have spec 1 be your tanking spec and spec 2 be your dps spec; when you click on the tab you will be that spec.

    This leaves players with a lot of freedom though...but I see that as being ideal. If bliz wants more restriction, there was a blue post about reagent costs...so maybe have an ability a player must use to switch between them with a reagent cost. An ability/spell in the general tab in your spell book with a witty name that I'm not creative enough to think of at the moment. This would be a bit more restrictive, but still fairly easy to do.

    I guess my main point here is that you should be able to create a build that you can switch to easily without having to actually click each talent and spec back into it. Kind of like a template I suppose.

    Also I have been thinking about the addition of the valor to heroism emblem conversion...this kind of discourages heroics don't you think?

    So here's my proposal:

    Valorous difficulty five mans.

    Many people believe heroics are too easy anyways. This will add some appeal to 5 mans again for the more hardcore players. Adjust health/damage output of the mobs and there ya go.

    Of course some fresh stuff wouldn't hurt either...maybe add another extra boss in a few valorous instances, or switch up the strategy for a few of the end bosses.

    As for accessing them...I believe a key of some sort would be a good idea. Maybe make it a drop from the heroic of the same instance or something like that.

    I dunno, what do you guys think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paramount View Post
    Valorous difficulty five mans.
    I support this idea. As it is now there is no reason for me to do heroic's other then to help guildies gear up alts or just for fun witch is more then good enough reasons, but atm i'm bored of aoe facerolling through them.

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    I think the thing with the 'super heroic' 5 mans is how the general community would adapt to it. To begin with, you'd have the raid community popping in there for fun. Soon you'd have strats posted and pugs would be going there. Only those pugs would be operating with that special pug mentality... so lets say that the strat for boss X is slightly easier with 2 mages sheeping something, the pug mentality REQUIRES that 2 mages join the group before leaving. You probably this kind of thing with sunwell plateau, pugs in trade channels LF3M CC. Or you might find that the pugs start demanding paladin tanks, or whatever cheese it takes to power through encounters without actually learning to play.

    Maybe I'm just cynical that way.

    The point being that when the wider community is challenged that way, it ends up creating huge questions and rankling over class balance / viability that simply don't exist but which the community manufactures in it's own mindset. You can already see it in some of the 'X class worse at tanking than Y class', and that's when you have 10 or 25 players in a group. Applying that to 5 mans puts a magnifier on it.

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    There is validity in saying that harder five mans would potentially point out class imbalances or even favor one class in another due to their design, but to that I pose this question:

    What new content doesn't?

    If ulduar is going to be harder than naxx, then doesn't ulduar have the potential of favoring a certain class make-up?

    Or even naxxramas as it is. Are there a lot of groups out there that would go into naxx 25 without a shadow priest or two for MC? Or go to KT with a large amount of melee if they can help it?

    And I would hope that bliz has the knowledge to make it so that nearly any group make-up can accomplish these instances. Heroics took quite a bit of tuning to get right...I would expect valorouses (lawl new terminology is fun) to undergo the same treatment.

    I'm just throwing this out there. I do not want five mans to die, because I happen to be among the many who no longer does them. Except azjol'nerub...I still could use essence of gossamer.

    Ah yes...I forgot to explicitly outline the rewards for running valor instances. Emblems of valor would drop in place of emblems of heroism. Hopefully accompianied with different loot tables for the bosses as well, but that isn't a necessity.

    I know there are a lot of guilds out there that are doing 10 mans only and are either unable to or are afraid to expand to 25 mans. Or maybe these 10 man guilds just don't like to run 25 mans. By adding valorous level five mans, bliz can challenge these guilds as well as allow them to gain access to some of the 25 man loot. Not to mention the fact that this could potentially revitilize 5 man instances.

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