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Thread: PuGging: Great evil, or Greatest evil?

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    PuGging: Great evil, or Greatest evil?

    I've been following threads here (and posting in them, from time to time) for a while, and there's one that that continues to baffle me. It's the same thing that seems to unify all tanks:

    And that is that pick-up-groups are (evidently) horrible, terrible, and will cause people to shun you.

    I don't understand where all the hatred for PuGs comes from. I have a small guild, and two of our 6 regular players are so casual they're still not 80. One of them is rabid, and lives, breathes, and drinks WoW, so will go on ahead of the guild whenever she can find a group.

    Obviously, this means I PuG. A lot. I haven't done any raids yet, other than Vault 10/25, but I PuG heroics all the time. So, once in a while there will be a terrible DPS, or a 'just dinged 80' healer who wants to see if they can heal a heroic in greens and a few quest blues but doesn't mention that they've just leveled until the second boss is down. But with myself tanking, my rabid DK friend chewing apart the DPS meters in recount, and once in a great while our guild's easily-distracted healer along, there's just been no real problem. Even without my friends, just PuGging with whoever happens to be there ... it's not that bad.

    Granted, I expect a wipe at least once on a given run, and try not to stress over it. Someone will die because they just don't get "Don't stand in the green %@$#!" But only once has a run been so bad we've had to scrub it. And I've picked up a handful of heroic achievements -- on accident! -- while doing this.

    So, since we've already got the guild that's just for us (RL friends, as it happens), we're now going to get a vent server and use a PuG-raiding-site (of a sort: Leftovers Community Raiding if you're curious) to get into Naxx.

    Since I've been miraculously dodging whatever evil PuGging afflicts upon those who tread such a path ... what gristly doom awaits? What's going to be so bad that hasn't happened to us yet?

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    Pugs are good enough if you armory filter, plus you can reserve loot as a tank.

    I was able to get quite a lot of gear from 25man pugs just by being picky on classes and reserving loot. currently fury so can't show the gears.

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    It's quite simple, take human nature to be gobby, stupid, obnoxious, unskilled and in game terms underperfoming and undergeared and sooner or later you will run into one, or several people of that nature, which usually results in several wipes, your healer getting hacked off, dps slagging everyone off and as a tank an increasing repair bill for a 20 minute jolly because of an inability of people to play, perform and communicate sensibly together.

    Some pugs can be great, people get useful gear, have a laugh, zip through content, or hit a challenge and deal with it. Others are just a huge repair bill for doing someone a favour, or 2 hours for a 20 minute jolly. Dumbing content & gameplay down, not to mention many people questioning atunements (either way) are an additional can of worms for a player to go through with heroics.

    Simply put sooner or later you will outgear a heroic (performance issues that blizzard never address), don't need to go, only go on guild runs, or have a list of players you will go and play with as you know what you're gonna get with on the tin when you invite them.

    Can be a laugh, useful for recruitment, but longevity of them is the oquestion of personal opinion.
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    nax pugs dont turn out to bad really. as long as you screen people before you invite (check for achievments and stats) it normaly runs smoothly. however i dont play on your server and people might just be bad there... idk

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    It all depends on your expectations.
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    Sat's right.

    People who are skilled enough to do Heroics fast and easy if they group with people who are similarly skilled will generally only feel frustration when things are going poorly, while random Joe Pug might think it's awesome to actually get through the instance.

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    I like that tanks do damage now. I feel like as long as the healer is fine, I can cover for any shoddy dps (this might not be true, but gives me more confidence to pug).

    But even before 3.0 I liked pugging in moderation. You never got to experience different play styles or even different classes if you ran with the same group day in and day out. Similarly, I like running a variety of instances rather than farming the same ones over and over again (I'll make an exception for Oculus though).

    Pugs also sharpen your skills . New boss strats you never heard of... people making mistakes... all that keeps you on your toes.

    Unfortunately, bad experiences leave a deeper impression than the good ones. I've had fun in pugs, I've also had bad experience. It's just such a shame that having a DK grief you for 3 hours in a Naxx run (ie training mobs to you, not leaving the instance after leaving the group, being verbally abusive, ect) is something you don't really forget.

    PS. 3+ hour wait for GM response sucks too.

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    My PuG experiences are pretty good for the most part as well. Sure, every once in a while there's the moron dps doing 800 in a heroic, or the healer who can't dodge Loken's Lightning Nova or what have you, but I have far more good runs than bad.

    A couple of my guildies however seem to have terrible luck with PuGs =/ They have runs filled of fail all the time (and I assure you, it's not my guildie's faults =P)

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    PUGging is the new "hard" content.

    Downed Sarth 3D with your guild?

    awesome now do it on hard mode. You and 24 of your closest random temporary friends.

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    I'm pretty much in the same boat you are. I'm in a small guild with a bunch of good friends and could not see myself leaving anytime soon. We've only run 2-3 heroics as a guild and we still have no dedicated guild healer, so almost everything I did was with PuG's. In my experience the pro's ussually outway the cons but now that I've gotten every piece of heroic tanking gear I can its still fun to get in there with some others who think they are god's gift to heroics, that is until I show up #2 on recount. As far as I'm concerned PuG's are the best way to keep you sharp. Its because of the "I can just AoE away at anything, anytime's" that I have to keep a sharp eye and grap a loose mob when their about a yard away from taking out that cocky clothy. Plus every run is different and comes with it's own unique challenges. All in all I would have to say that I'll keep doing PuGs so that when I do start doing more raiding I'll be better equiped to handle all those OMG!!! situations that all the clothies fear.

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    i love pugs on my alt because i can do less then optimal and not care really (get carried and f-around), and keep all the rep and srs face stuff on my main.

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