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Thread: Avoidance vs. Threat

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    Avoidance vs. Threat

    Here is my armory The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am starting to run into mages and other AoE dps that are pushing my threat on multiple pulls. And, I'm wondering if I should start gearing for threat and give up some of my avoidance for it.

    don't pay attention to the expertise ring. I got it in Gundrak tonight and was playing around with it. I have Essence of Gossamer that I usually wear, but I was below def cap so I slapped it on to see what the expertise ring did.

    in three five mans tonight I did around 1200dps. and held aggro alright, but it was not the usual "cake-walk" it usually is.

    Just looking for some advice as I know diminishing returns start to come into play, and maybe I would get more bang for my buck with more threat stats.

    EDIT: sorry if this is a frequently asked thing, but I'm just wanting knowledgeable advice so I can make my guilds job easier.

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    Your Strength & block are very low. Id start there if I were you.

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    Your strength looks fine to me. I'm assuming you have around 1k block, which is also fine.

    I would try to get another weapon (you probably didn't need me to tell you this ).

    Keep the Hemorrhaging Circle, it's putting you well over the expertise soft cap (a good thing) and giving you some nice dps stats, plus 49 agility = 1+% dodge for some bonus avoidance.

    If you wanted you could re-enchant your shoulders with an ap/crit one. Otherwise your gear/gems look fine.

    In my experience, the single biggest area of improvement tanks need to up their dps is to really internalize the new priority system/rotation.

    Slightly outdated but gives you the basics:

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    Thanks guys. On multi-mob pulls, I've started using no CC and just let them beat on me so I get plenty of rage, and I've worked in a few cleaves into my priorities list. That seems to keep them on my long enough to tab through and give each of them a good smack.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Once again I bow to awesomeness that is Tankspot!

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