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Thread: Protection Paladin furthering advice.

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    Protection Paladin furthering advice.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    This is my Armory, hopefully it's correct since I've been fiddling with gear swapping and gems all day.

    Basically, I have listened to a lot of back and forths and different advice from different people that's very conflicting and confusing, especially on block rating vs pure avoidance.

    This is the current gear I've chosen to wear, although I have a small block set and some other random pieces as well:

    Tempered Titansteel Helm
    Tempered Titansteel Boots
    Repelling Charge
    Valor Medal of the First War
    Draconic Sabatons
    Terrace Defense Boots
    Drakescale Collar
    Bolstered Legplates
    Heroes Redemption Breastplate
    The Skull of Ruin
    Waistguard of the Tutor

    On future loot, I'm restricted to 10 man rots (I'm Holy as my main spec), so...

    Basically I'm stuck at what to further. I've been swapping around gear all morning trying to find a happy balance but the last few pieces I picked up seem to have kinda thrown a wrench in my whole plan.

    So a couple of questions I have

    1.) I'm fresh to tanking and the math involved, so what would my total mitigation/avoidance count be currently unbuffed as a Prot Paladin? I know I'm trying to aim for 102.4 but I don't understand how the reduced chance to be hit, etc, scales onto bosses.

    2.) Between my profile and my spare gear, is there any path I should be heading for specifically? Any advice in general here would be super helpful. I'll take any advice on item swapping or regemming or anything, really, I feel like I'm at a dead end here.

    thanks a lot

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    you can download the addin tankadin which will give you a good view on where you are vs the 102.4%. First, for an 'off set' you've got really good gear. Right now, you should be at around 100-101 toward block cap. Basically, your dodge+parry+block is 60%. Your miss should be 10-11% and HS will add 30%. You're critable right now (def 537), but I assume that's just part of the gear testing swap out rather than a fundamental problem.

    As a quick gear up grade, you might want to try to get the boots that drop off of noth in reg naxx. They'd be better than the titansteel. Regardless though, fix the uncritable bit and you can tank 25 mans fine.

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    Ah, my gear swapped! Yeah I got the macro from the UI section, it's helped a LOT. My defense is anywhere between 540 and like 560 because Im looking at various options.

    I'd also kill for those boots off of Noth, but theyve never dropped once and would go to our DK tank offtank/dps first.

    I'm going to try to save my valor medals for the ones off of the vendor, we do Naxx 25 half guild/half friends so we can pug it, so in about two weeks I should be OK!

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