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Thread: Raid Composition (Shamans and DKs)

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    Raid Composition (Shamans and DKs)

    I am leveling up to 80 to tank for a friend's guild. I used to play a NE Protection Warrior pre-expansions and we had no Shamans or DKs back then. I am now playing a Tauren Warrior and will be going protection for tanking (and getting the dual spec for fury.) I'm wondering if anybody knows an article/post that discusses the benefit of DKs and Shaman's in raids and how they benefit a protection warrior in WOTLK. Also, if there's any information on Paladin Tanks as I hear they're viable tanks now when pre-expansions Tankadins were basically laughed at for wanting/trying to tank.

    Thanks and thanks for all the work with the vids.
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    Wow, lots of meat there to discuss. I'll be brief as I'm running out of time.

    1.) All four tank classes are more or less equivalent in abilities for tanking. Each class has its own strengths and nuances, and obviously spec and gear selection matter as does player skill. Paladins are strong tanks, as are DK's if that helps a couple questions there.

    2.) DK's are good raid buffers, they have some buffs in common with Shamans but that's where lumping in the same category ends. Blood offers the +10% AP buff that Enhancement offers, Frost has the 20% melee haste mirroring Windfury totem, and Unholy has a +13% spell damage buff to match Balance Druid's Earth and Moon, and Afflic Locks' Imp Curse of Elements. All DKs offer Horn of Winter which is a shout-esque equivalent of Strength of Earth totem. DKs do strong damage and tank very well. Shamans have many great totems, Heroism/Bloodlust, and spec-specific raod niffs are all great to have. I'm not sure what else you're looking to get from articles.

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