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Thread: Suggestions...new to TS

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    Suggestions...new to TS

    Check my profile out The World of Warcraft Armory . I think Im ready for heroics, but the first 2 times went kinda bad. Ive tried UP and Nex., both were failures, but I was not geared as good then. So now I feel confident to try again. But its so frustrating running with total @#$holes. Guild is small and I pretty much have to pug things. Im tired of DPS saying to hurry up and then when you do and go balls to the walls -they complain. Sorry to vent guys but any advice would be awesome ! Thanks

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    Theres a whole forum here at TankSpot dedicated to rating Armory pages and specs, but you're going to have to be more specific in your questions.

    Are you wondering if you're ready for heroics? For raiding? Need some details before we can be of any help.

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