Basically i need help all around lol.

First off here is my armory link:
The World of Warcraft Armory

My GM has been asking why my DPS is so low all the time and i really dont have an answer to him. Recount Is showng on regular trash around 980 and on bosses 1100. I am better geeared than my GM and he is in the 1700.WTF lol.

My rotation starts ususlly with Heroic Throw, charge, shockwave thunder clap, Dev, dev shield slam Reevenge . then from there i make sure dev is always full to the max 5 and rotate through Shield slam revenge and constantly heroic strike unless im rage starved which doesnt usually happen i also throw a shockwave everytime its available. Taunt i usually only use to pull something or if someone pulled threat from me.

Please take a look at my gear talents anything to improve my ass lol.