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Thread: Respecced to Tanking Need Gear upgrade Help

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    Respecced to Tanking Need Gear upgrade Help

    I need some advice on tanking.
    First things first:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I just respecced from mookin to feral for tanking for my guild as we move into 10 man raiding.

    I'm a leatherworker, so I have basically geared myself using the eviscerator set and a few other thing I had left over from BC for rings and neck.

    Its been a while since I tanked consistently, and then it was mostly heroics.

    I know there is a lot of information out there on what gear to get, but I am wondering what pieces I should upgrade first. And any suggestions on what to upgrade to would be very helpful also.

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    Id say that necklace needs to go! lvl 65?!? There are some nice options at the AH, some only 100g, some 3k g, depending on your wallet size. There are extensive guides on this site that you can use to gear up. I would just start running some reg 80 instances and move on to heroics once you are ready. Im not an expert, but glancing at your gear I dont know how you tanked heroic drak keep to get the key-stone ring. Start with reg 80s and work your way up.

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