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Thread: Blood survivablity question.

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    Blood survivablity question.

    Since 3.0.8 I have been trying different specs. I was unholy pre patch but am now loving frost. I have a KM spec and have aoe that is pretty much equal to what I had in unholy.

    Blood is the only thing I have not speced in before heading to a raid. I am a little worried that the tree has no "o crap" abilities aside from a boost in hp. What do blood tanks pop when enrage hits?

    I like the idea of blood, but I'm not seeing the tanking tools like frost and unholy have.

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    I find that blood fits very very well into an offtanking role. I just specced back into it from frost.

    Vampiric blood is way underrated. If you glyph it, it lasts 30 seconds on a one minute cd.

    I trust my healers enough that I don't even have rune tap anymore... trinkets, IBF, and VB are generally enough to get me through trouble spots and transitions.

    You can always sac your ghoul for a heal, too, it's really nice with VB up. Death strike instead of oblit can also provide pretty substantial self healing, especially when VB is up.

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    If you are worried about blood survivability. Don't be.

    VB is a very very powerful ability. Apply it with mark of blood and some well placed rune taps and you can survive most boss enrages for an extremely long time.

    I've said it before on here and I'll say it again.

    My blood threat is insanely high and I can pull off just about any tanking class, one our second time killing patchwerk I was assigned to be a hateful tank along with our guilds MT, sticking an unholy DK in lesser gear as the MT.

    Couple seconds into the fight I pulled off the MT and started to tank him, while the other tanks tried to cope with my little goof. about a minute after I pulled the warrior went down then the would be MT. He proceeded to pick off our melee leaving me the only one left in range. Three minutes left until the enrage with me using every CD I had I tanked patches melee and hatefuls for three minutes until he enraged.

    You may not have 100% avoidance with CDs like frost, but you dont even need it with the amount of health and self healing you have.

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    Check out my wow armory for the build I used to solve some of the squishy feeling of blood.

    Omenofdeath Vek'nilash DK Blood/Frost

    I leveled Frost and have tanked Frost up until a few days ago. So far I am loving my new spec.

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