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Thread: Am I ready for Raids?

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    Am I ready for Raids?

    Hello! I am a new member here and I was wondering if I was ready for raids, (Sorry if this question is asked frequently!) I am a Death Knight, and I have 27k HP, 27k Armor, 541 defense(capped) 26.41% dodge, and 16.60% parry. (Without Blade Barrier, of course) I have already tanked OS and VoA, but those instances are pretty easy, and was wondering if i was ready for Naxx10?

    Thank you and again sorry if this question is asked frequently!

    (Here's my armory for spec The World of Warcraft Armory )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobey View Post
    ...541 defense(capped) ...
    I was going to post something positive and encouraging like "yeah sounds like you're plenty geared enough to get started on Naxx", then I read that.

    Now, please, repeat 100 times
    "It is not a cap (which inherently suggests some sort of maximum has been reached) - IT IS A MINIMUM"

    ...sorry, you've just stumbled onto a real pet-hate of mine at the moment. if you don't understand why then read some of the theory topics.

    oh, and "yeah sounds like you're plenty geared enough to get started on Naxx"

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    Sorry I don't know enough about the DK class to comment, but...

    it is a common question and so there is a separate forum area for it:

    Armory Ratings & Suggestions
    If the post involves a link to your armory or spec, it belongs here, not in another forum.

    Armory Ratings & Suggestions - TankSpot

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