I am very Fairly new to tanking. I have tanked 10 man naxx for about 2 weeks now. I built my tanking set from drops from OS, Crafted, Vault, and Heroics (scraps).

Yes it does, as well as make you immune to fear. It works like wotf. I used it for that purpose in DTK, and a few other places where the boss/mobs fear. Not sure if this question has been answered. I have been having issues with tps as a DK frost tank. It's a fairly new class and I am not sure where to post this question.

Threat is tied with with our dps correct? As a dk how will I go about raising my tps. I do not like a mob deciding i am no longer a threat if you know what I mean.

Not sure if it's updated, and I have a few gems I will upgrade/upgraded.

The World of Warcraft Armory

As far as my rotation it's PS-IT-Pest-HB-BS/HB(depending ae or single target) if i can throw in a OB before my diseases expire i Will do so before a refresh. I will also sneak in FS for dump and sneak in rune strike every time it goes live with runic power available.