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Thread: help needed to improve

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    help needed to improve

    Hi everyone, love this forum you guys are amazing!
    Can you please have a look at my armory? The World of Warcraft Armory

    My question is, I have poor avoidance? I have T7 helm sitting in bank and almost every tank epic-10man-piece, so let me know if i can upgrade gear with similar level.

    I only raid 10 man (small RL friends guild )

    Thank you in advance! Fraswa

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    If someone wants to go through all the T7 gear to find upgrades that's great but it's kind of tedious so who knows when that will happen . I suggest you download this program (if you are afraid of the link feel free to google "rawr wow"). This program lets you download your wowarmory information and shows you a listing of gear and how good it is compared to what you have on. Make sure you click the appropriate raid buffs for more accuracy. If you change specs you'll want to re-download from armory or change the talent spec information you have in Rawr.

    Rawr - Home

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