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Thread: Warrior tanking weap question

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    Warrior tanking weap question

    at the moment I have the red sword of courage from heroics, and the slayer of the lifeless from naxx 10, but im looking at the weapons from naxx 25, I plan on getting the first "Last Laugh" that drops off of KT when it does so, but until then if a broken promise drops off of four horsemen, should i take it? that is the 2.50 speed one. Would that be over all bad for a warrior and should i not worry about it? It would be a HUGE damage upgrade and a big defense + expertise upgrade. Im just wondering how the weapon speed would affect me TPS wise... can anyone give me any insight on this? Should i stick to my 1.50 slayer of lifeless? or take the broken promise?

    Slayer of the lifeless (what I currently use):
    Slayer of the Lifeless - Thottbot: World of Warcraft

    Broken Promise:
    Broken Promise - Thottbot: World of Warcraft

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    I would say go with a Broken Promise if it happens to drop before Last Laugh. Reason for this is the expertise and overall more dmg on it, should be a TPS increase... really im thinking about picking up a Broken Promise to replace my Last Laugh for trash tanking *gasp*

    i may be a noob but im the MT of 2nd best alliance guild on my server, must be doing somthing right? :3

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    There was a thread yesterday about Broken Promise vs. Red Sword of Courage. I think the debate is relavent to your questions.


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    Its rather pointless as all content can be done no matter which sword you use

    stay at def minimum
    stay at expertise minimum
    stm will be naturally around 30k unbuffed
    d/p/b should be at 25% each

    just use whatever sword you have, don't count on a drop from kt or horsemen, it may or may not ever come.

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