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Thread: Best professions for fury dps warrior

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    Best professions for fury dps warrior

    Hi, I would like to know what are the best professions for a fury dps warrior and why.

    I know that BS and JC are the best professions for a tank. How about dps?

    If your answer is BS+Mining just because Mining can be a source for BS and selling in AH for gold, the answer is not good enough. Ignore the gold factor. I would like to know how I can maximize a dps warrior with their professions.


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    It's still the same. BS + JC.

    You get extra sockets and you get better gems.... doesn't matter if you use them for tanking or dps.

    Other contenders are Engineering and Skinning.

    I think the skinning bonus to crit is overshadowed by gear way to easily.

    The engineering goggles are nice as are the trinkets, but again you can replace those.

    Alchemy could be in there because of the bonus to elixirs, but I don't think that beats out better and more gems.

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