I have always had an issue with my in game nameplates. Due to me playing with camera zoomed out to max distance my namplates float down over the actually graphic of the mobs or players in game. This makes it really hard to see which way things are facing and is a huge annoyance expecially in PVP. I finally found that Aloft will elevate the anchors for nameplates elevating them up to an area that allows me to see the mob or player and keeps me at max camera distance.

The issue im running into now is that I use the mouse over nameplates to target a lot of the time. Well once i have elevated the actualy frame, the targetting area remains in the old position. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this, ive tried raising all the vertical positions in the addon up to the same height as the health bar but it doesnt seem to fix the targetting area.

Another option that i would prefer more would be if anyone knew the /console cvr to just raise the ingame plates. Ive done research both on wowinterface and the wow forums and cant seem to find an answer. Thanks for the help.