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Thread: Defense, Avoidance, HP and StoneskinG

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    Defense, Avoidance, HP and StoneskinG

    Hi guys! I've just maxed my JC and now have access to +27 gems (stamina, def rating and dodge in particular) as well as the monarch crab. With Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle available to us, now there are so much options that I'm not sure which would overall be most beneficial to me and our healers.

    Are we really supposed to be avoidance tanks? Right now, I'm getting confused balancing my HP, avoidance and defense skill for better IBF mitigation.

    I've tried gemming all out for stam while maintaining the def minimum. With this approach, I get 32k unbuffed HP and 43% avoidance. Somehow, even with all the HP I have, IBF is not doing well enough in absorbing some of the damage.

    I'm thinking gemming all out for defense and some dodge and with this, I'm able to reach 47% unbuffed avoidance and 559 def skill. This is with Swordshattering instead of Stoneskin Gargoyle. But this drops my HP to 27k. Raid buffed, I'd probably just be tipping 30k.

    My reasoning is with high def skill, my IBF will be doing more mitigation. And with 47% avoidance, well, I'd avoid more hits. I don't have the 4pc bonus from the T7(.5) set yet.

    Is this a trade off that's worth going thru? Is this reasonable? I'm hoping someone's already gone thru this and have done the research/math/explaining.

    Really appreciate your answers.
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