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Thread: Hit Rating?

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    Hit Rating?

    First I would like to apologize for making this thread. After countless hours of reading past forums I can not really find a solid definite answer. If there is another thread or the answer I am looking for would someone kindly point me in the right direction.

    What should the hit rating be for prot warriors to be effective tanking heroics and raids?

    Mine right now without the +hit rating food is 95. Going into pug groups that will not give me a few seconds to generate any kind of AoE aggro, it always ends up in ultimate failure. And of course the tank gets blamed for the wipe.

    I was told since my hit rating is that low I am missing mobs. But recount and the default combat log do not show me missing anything. Along with the floating combat text never showing the words "miss".

    I thought I was a decent enough tank but now things have come into question and I have started to second guess myself, which is never good.

    Please help.

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    to cap out all of your white hits and yellow hits as a protection warrior you need to have 8% total hit. That comes out to about 32.79 per 1% * 8 = 262.32 hit rating to cap out.

    You'll also want to focus on Expertise. Expertise works almost doubly as good until you can remove dodges (26 expertise skill, not rating) then it becomes equally as good as hit.

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    imo unless you have multiple high end gear sets you will struggle to get expertise and hit and high stam pool.

    I looked at hit originally as i progressed through naxx25 and i concluded that gaining the expertise cap at 26 was the best balance. In doing so i was able to maintain a HP pool of around 30k and def 540+. Whats more my hit was around 150.

    I have no problem generating threat and holding it on malygos so if more hit comes on gear upgrades ..fine..but for now im happy with the expertise.
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    As the above have mentioned, Expertise is basically twice as good as Hit until you get over 26; and theoretically offers comparable returns as far as 57.

    To remove the chances your specials will miss requires around 262 Hit.

    But (and it's "but" so big Jenifer Lopez would be jealous ); I don't think you will find many (any ?) tanks that can maintain the minimum 540 defense (535 for heroics) whilst boasting 26+ Expertise and 262+ Hit.
    Even if you can find people like this, you simply do not need these theoretical numbers in order to tank.

    fwiw, I'd say if you're missing a lot then gem for Expertise until you're at least 20+ in raids (food like Rhinolicious Wormsteak can help here too); then worry about Hit.

    All this assumes your defense and health aren't an issue.
    - a dead tank with 60 Expertise and 300 Hit is still a wipe

    ...just my 1.3p worth
    (about 2c at time of writing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corto View Post
    But (and it's "but" so big Jenifer Lopez would be jealous ); I don't think you will find many (any ?) tanks that can maintain the minimum 540 defense (535 for heroics) whilst boasting 26+ Expertise and 262+ Hit.
    *Points at drop down character list*

    Anyway, when dps don't let you get a second on the mob, remember that you have taunt, mocking blow(which can be used in defensive stance now) and challenging roar at your disposal. There is also vigilance, if the person getting threat always seems to be the same person.

    Furthermore, it is advisable to always be looking for critters to charge and smack so you can start out fights with as much rage as possible.

    However as stated, the most important thing, is first to stay alive.
    DPS can learn to wait a bit longer to start, but tanks can never learn to take less damage...

    With all that being said, I think you could use some more hit, but I can't make any suggestions without an armory link.

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    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I don't know if is that works.

    Let's hope so.
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    First off your spec should be tweaked a little to:
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Imp Bloodrage is not needed, and those points in shield spec offer less survivability than crit block which also adds threat.

    Second those 2 points in cruelty can be very helpful as they increase the chance to crit on tclap, shockwave, damage shield, everything u know, which also gets those deepwounds rolling.

    Other than that, it looks like your going in the right direction, if you want more threat, you can change meta to Eternal Earthsiege Diamond - Item - World of Warcraft and enchant gloves for Enchant Gloves - Armsman - Spell - World of Warcraft. Really nothing more to do than grab upgrades.

    Just one note, I saw you had a parry/stam gem in your chest and I just advise you to never get a parry gem in the future. Goodluck, and just keep tanking.

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