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Thread: DPS bracers for tanking.

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    DPS bracers for tanking.

    Now i just picked up these bracers on a naxx 25 run as no one else wanted them.I just wanted to get peoples thought on there viability as tanking bracers due to the +hit/exp on them.
    Bracers of Lost Sentiments - Item - World of Warcraft

    Now i am currently wearing
    Minion Bracers - Item - World of Warcraft

    But believe i can replace the stats lost with gemming (bar the parry).

    Any thought much appreciated.


    p.s. Am a BS so get an extra socket and the minion bracers have still only got the +15 exp. ench due to not being sure on whether im keeping the bracers or not
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    You can rock em as long as you got good healers and you upkeep your 540 def.

    I would use minion bracers for patchwerk/saphh/KT/Maly and Sarth 2D+.

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    Was always going to keep to the 540 def

    And although we have clearded Naxx we've not moved past Sarth +1 or malygos yet so.....
    As to Patch im normally MT with ferals as OT so the avoidance isn't as neccessary although if i go hateful eater then i generally go max avoidance and rotate trinkets/last stand (have the glyph)

    Thx Wj

    (as to the quick reply.Am at work and my own boss and things are slow in January :P)

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    I got both bracers you linked up there, and I use the dps ones like 95% of the time for tanking.

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