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Thread: a short opinion question-->

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    a short opinion question-->

    Only have a bit to post or this would be longer. Perhaps it doesn't have to be longer, actually, but here it is.

    Recently switched around some gear, and gained:

    1% avoidance

    50 strength

    1.15% hit

    20 stamina

    However, I lost:

    2.5% block rating

    60 block value (not counting the block I got from the strength on the other pieces)

    I don't know if this question seems really stupid, but with all the talk about the supposed value of block...do yall think it was a good trade?
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    I'd say so, the 60 block value loss becomes only a 35 block value loss which is easily trumped in terms of threat by the 1.15% hit. the 20 stamina gain outweights the mitigation value of the block value loss, and the combined stam + avoidance gain beats out the block rating. I'd have done that change imo. It also depends on where your stamina/avoidance/hit is right now before and after the change.

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