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Thread: Raid Ready?

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    Raid Ready?

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    I have done no raids yet..and I am really picky about my gear. I would really like to get new trinkets, bracer and wep before I raid. That said..could I still possibly raid with my current setup? With well geared people it is sometimes tough to maintain threat on multiple mobs.

    Don't pay attention to my setup if it has resillience gear equipped. That just means I have been PVP.
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    Well the build could use some work...

    I'd go for Deep Wounds if youre scared of loosing mobs to AoE doers.

    And please take off those parry gems, if you want avoidance, put dodge, or again, if you want more threat, put expertise. Parry is absolutely not worth it since it gets so much diminishing returns...
    Then there is a lot of good gear in heroics to get you up to speed with geared dps. I'm thinking of the Gundrak Gloves or the Nexus Trinket here...

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    take off bloodrage / puncture

    take incite and yeah possible 15/5/51 all together

    gaining rage once per minute isn't a big deal in a 10/25 man raid so you really won't need the bloodrage (maybe useful at the start of a pull but usually one boss hit and you're set) and same with puncture (you'll have almost infinite rage to spend your heroic strikes with thereafter)

    incite is extremely important for both aoe threat (thunderclap) and boss threat (heroic strike, primary boss damage ability / aggro ability statistically speaking)

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