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Thread: A theory on Pally post 3.0.8 threat and mitigation

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    A theory on Pally post 3.0.8 threat and mitigation


    So I'm going through the process of analyzing how life is different post the patch and here are the things that I'm trying to nail down:
    - My threat seems slightly nerfed post 3.0.8. Note: I didn't double rank shield, and in the week leading up to the patch, I made sure to only judge wisdom as I wanted to pre-tweak any threat changes there as Tuesday is our usual raid night and i didn't want to be figuring that out mid-raid.
    - I seem to be slightly squishier post patch. I am usually paired with our raid's main healer that regularly omgstomps the HPS charts in Naxx. We're trying to work out whether the nerf is to me or to her, or its a buff to heroic mob damage.

    Here's what I think may be going on with threat.
    - Pre-patch I've noticed that my crit percentage with holy spells was higher than I could account for with raid buffs. To give an example, my unbuff'd crit chance was 13-16%, my 5/10 man buff crit was only around 18%, but I'd notice that I was actually criting 22-24% of the time with most holy spells. I had a higher than explainable crit with melee as well, but the gap wasn't as large.
    - If I'm criting 5-8% less often overall, then I should be doing on the order of 10-16% less threat/dps than I was previously.
    - More importantly, I'm substantively less likely to crit with 'at least one of my first four moves'. The reason that I focus on this one is that where I notice the threat problem is in the very beginning of a fight. Once established I will still dominate the threat tables. Put differently, patchwerk isn't my problem, its trash.
    - Other points. Several DPS seem to have been buffed as stuff is dying noticeably faster.
    - Mobs seem to be more prone to pick up aggro based on proximity than prior to the patch. Example, I was running a newer (to heroics) boomkin druid through H OK. He had a bad habit of standing in the wrong place on the trash pulls where I was LoSing. He wasn't cooking off nukes, but I noticed that post-frisbee, pre-getting to consecrate mobs had a much higher chance of aggroing to him than they seemed to pre-patch

    Now on 'squishier'.

    I have less data on this, but here are my points:
    - Ardent defender seems to proc around 25% more often than it did pre-patch. Some of this is certainly because of the larger HP pool.
    - My healer went from casting guardian spirit exceptionally rarely and usually in response to a clear event (double trash pull, recovery after her being silenced/feared, etc.) to 'noticeably more'. Assume this works out as a movement from 0-2 times a run to 5-8 times a run.
    - It seems to be more around caster mobs than melee.
    - She is CoH, but we can't attribute the difference to the addition of CoH cooldown as it wasn't a large part of her healing rotation.

    Now as we all know, when Blizzard giveth, they also taketh away. we got a decent stamina buff, both through the toughness change and through sacred duty. Combined with the loud comments that heroics were too easy, did Blizz just buff heroic damage? Note: relatively squishiness hasn't changed, i.e. I'm still much easier to heal than warrior tanks and to some extent droods. She'll keep them all alive, but with me she used to be able to go get coffee during pulls and that's just not the case anymore.


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    Honestly I haven't noticed any more squishiness at all. The only changes I have seen were either taunt or threat related, but nothing about survivability (aside from higher HPs of course)

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    i haven't noticed anything different from the patch. except a sweet new taunt which i use a lot saves the lives of my healers.

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    OK haven't really tested out the numbers (I mainly OT 25 mans right now) but i did notice a major decrease in threat. Before the patch i had to watch my threat closely or i would pull aggro off our MT in a boss fight only using Seal of Wisdom, Judgement of Wisdom, and consecrate. After the patch using that rotation doesn't even put me in the top 7 on any threat meter and i can use Seal of Corruption, Judgement of Light, consecrate, exorcism, and holy wrath constantly and throwing in occasional Sheld of rightousness and hammer of rightousness on any boss in 25 man naxx and still never be in any danger of stealing threat.

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    I've noticed the same as Ladiebag. Before the patch, if DPS (or another tank) gave me two seconds there was no way that anything could get pulled off of me. Now however I'm having to see why my TPS is so pathetic. I just respecced for more damage rather than survivability, so perhaps I've solved that problem. Still a huge annoyance that Blizz keeps tweaking our stats and talents. I don't have much of a problem when tanking H-Naxx, but EoE is almost impossible for me atm.

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