Hello Tankspot!!

This is my very first post here and after i checked like almost every day the forums here i was thinking about asking u guys a question.

Here is my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

Iwant u guys to check my gear and tell me what u guys thing about my gemming.. My expertise is a bit low but i got a pretty resonable hit rating 213 and as my highest avoidance stat is SBV i got 25.79% was thinking about how my enchant change on shield would impact me. I have shield spikes on my shield now cause of my hard hc's farming but i wanna get into more raids now as i got some more gear. Was thinking of getting the block enchant on my shield. Is it a good step or a bad one? Will my threath generation get a dropback a bit in price for more mitigation? Does it worth it?

Please help me out in this Decission. Thanks.