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Thread: tab distance reduction

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    @tiptoes - Yeah, shat halls back in the day was a feat. I'm not going to say that it wasn't possible in a pug but my poorly made point was that a warrior could not AOE tank w/o spamming the piss out of tab (tab-devistate). I agree with forcing CC when it is warranted
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    Quote Originally Posted by TiptoesDMF View Post
    You see, time to time I enjoy "forcing cc" into instances. Yes, it is slower, but at least teaches some people that AoE is not the only way to go and it's quite challenging to maneuvre out of sheep range while tanking stuff like in the old days. Don't want to sound like prick here, but it's tank who sets the pace along with healer - if you don't like my style, feel free to leave. There is handful of other people who will appreaciate the badgers.
    I find myself doing the same thing. Very often I'll be in a guild run where most of the group has done the instance before and just wants to blow through it but there are one or two people who haven't, so I try to take the time to help them learn the encounters.

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