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Thread: Block Value Gear

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    Block Value Gear

    Hi, I have question about Block Value gear cause recently got 3-4 pieces.
    And I dont really know when its better to put on Block Value for bosses or trash etc.

    So could use some insight and exemples.

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    I use my BV set on trash and heroics. Always nice to see me blocking full hits from trash

    For raid bosses it doesn't really work out that good. It's nice getting a 3k+ block thanks to ciritical block. But the 8k hit (from say a unenraged Maexnna.... Gets worse on stuff like maly and sapphi) you get after it makes up for it :P So don't stack it vs raid bosses

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    It depends on the boss a bit. If they're hitting fast and/or for little, then Block Value stuff can shine. But usually I only swap BV bits on for stuff like Loatheb or Gothik.
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    can anyone please link a good block value list?

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