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Thread: Death Strike Tanking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satorri View Post
    that these aren't direct threat values as we track on a meter.
    ...only because prior to patch 3.0 the game didn't include any method for measuring or displaying threat and players and mod makers arbitrarily decided to use a 1 damage = 1 threat conversion for simplicity's sake.

    When 3.0 came out and Blizz provided mod authors with the ability to display exact threat values, it was discovered that the server multiplies all threat by 100 and rounds off any decimals before sending numbers to the client. So for example when you hit a mob for 1000 in Frost Presence, the threat value sent to your client for that attack is 207350.

    The reason I wrote "1 RP gained generates 500 threat (unnafected by presence modifier)" is simply because that's actually the amount of threat it generates in Blizzard's own system. Back then patch 3.0 hadn't been released and I didn't know for sure whether threat addons such as Omen would adopt the newly discovered threat point system or not. It turns out the authors of Omen went for the more "realistic" TPS values that we were used to pre-3.0 and the addon simply divides by 100 the threat values it obtains from the server.

    You can read Satrina's initial 3.0 testing and find a link to his the addon he wrote to read raw threat values.
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    Roger roger, and thank you much for the explication. =)

    So, for all intents and purposes, in terms of measuring TPS vs DPS:

    1 [power unit] gained = 5 threat
    1 damage dealt in Frost Presence = 2.07 threat

    That rings true, for sure, and it's very good to know and remember.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horacio View Post
    Who f-ing divided by zero?!?

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