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Thread: Hit and Patch 3.08

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    Hit and Patch 3.08

    I have read where after the patch, 361 Hit for DW Warrior is no longer needed. I recently changed my spec from Prot to Fury and am looking for any help.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    "One thing to keep in mind; according to the in-game Paper Doll window; the actual CC is 30.16% and AP is 3,914" Unbuffed.

    If I need to lower my Hit from 361; what acceptable number should this be?

    My DPS currently in 25 Nax (according to Recount) is around 2400.
    (Is Recount really accurate?)

    My rotation is WW BT BT WW with Throw thrown in when active. (I very rarely use HS because of my threat position)

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    wait... threat is an issue while doing 2400dps in zerker (which has threat reduction)? Pretty sure your tanks need to wake up then. Recount is fairly accurate.

    EDIT: read here for more hit conversation http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f177/...g-warrior.html

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    That does seem strange that you'd be close to pulling threat with 2400 DPS.

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