I am gonna be 80 with my DK this week-end and plan on tanking in normal instances and later some heroics. I have been reading threads for two weeks and i start to get confused with all the infos.
Here is what i could gather, for that kind of runs: (i'll first gear up with quests rewards and crafted items)

I was thinking about going with this build, would it be a good choice?

With the following glyphs: Obliterate - Icebound Fort - Icy Touch

For the rotations:

IT - OB - OB - BS - FS

But if i have to face multiples, which rotation would produce the best TPS, where should i place my DnD?

Maybe i should go for another build and a more classic rotation, i just can't figure it out... In that case which build/rotations (simple and mutiple) should i go for? Remember, my gear is only at the beginning and i plan first on going to normal/heroic 5man.