Some of you might have read my blog entry with my concerns about progression tanking. I am honestly thinking most replies are on the right track, yet there's one thing lacking in those replies; reasoning (as this non native english speaker would put it; the rationale is missing). Before I can tell you about what I'd like to reach with this forum post I would like to explain the starting point for all of this.

On my community forums there was some discussion about who should tank what. And basically the conclusion, coming mostly from our healers, would be that currently a feral druid tank would be best on all of the heaver encounters. My blog was all about this, and min/maxing my way trough to having a shot at tanking something, before it is declared to be 'on farm'. And now for some shameless self promoting; If that peaked your interest, by all means go check the walls of text there.

Okay and now to the point! (or else you'd stop reading here… )
Blizzards mantra might be that all tanks are equal. But we all know there's differences because of the different mechanics. Therefore, there must be a way to analyze fights and optimise the type of tank for the encounter based on class mechanics/abilities. What I would like to do is to figure out, perhaps compile data, about who is the most efficient tank for a specific encounter. I'd also like to go over how to analyze raid encounters - since I am rather clueless, so other people must be too. I think that could help raidleads and/or tanks like me making the right decisions.

What I am looking for is the following:

How the hell do I analyze a raid encounter?
Why? I simply wouldn't know how to start analyzing raid encounters in such a way that I can determine what gear would be best to wear. I don't have years of raid tanking experience. The same goes for how to analyze a raid encounter and figuring out which tank, based on mechanics would be most efficient - barring gimmick fights of couse. I mean… What are the criteria I should be looking at?

And when you know how to analyze?
Perhaps then we could compile some data on different bosses to see of the analysis is correct? I'd say that's step 2 though…


Ps. If this is completely misplaced here… please move or lock this or whatever...