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Thread: Glyph of Revenge? need theorycraft help

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    Glyph of Revenge? need theorycraft help

    I just picked up Broken Promise, in large part because I have a fetish for the graphic it has (it just looks to me like a final fantasy-esque weapon). It has great threat stats, but it's generally been shown to be inferior to faster weapons. AFAIK it has no equal in terms of ilvl, but obviously Last Laugh is the premier tanking weapon. If and when it drops, it's mine, but until then I am happily using BP.

    Anyway, right now I use the following glyphs: blocking (duh), devastate, and revenge. I'm happy with blocking and dev, but I really found revenge to be sub-par with a fast weapon. Now, my armchair napkin math seems, I think, to affirm that glyph of revenge is better for slow weapons such as BP than for fast weapons. My unmathematical reasoning for this is that, with a 1.5spd weapon, you are basically capable (at most) of HSing 3 times for every 1 revenge. Of those 3, one should be free. With BP, however, 1 in 2 should be free. I'm not looking to compare the weapons themselves (as I concede LL to be better anyway), but, rather, the effectiveness of the glyph. Can someone math-oriented offer an opinion?

    I'm was considering switching to cleave, but I'm still undecided. Hopefully someone can help me settle this.

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    i have broken promise and im still learning how to max its potential.

    i use the glyph of blocking and i use a macro on revenge/heroic strike to ensure im always queing up a HS for the glyph of revenge proc.

    I never really used the devastate glyph as in trash/multiple mobs it was never really required and on single bosses i can stack the sunders fast enough anyway as part of building threat and damage...

    I do use the cleave glyph as in trash packs i think it just enables you to get that little extra cover and i used to spec for improved cleave as well..in which case the damage doen to multiple mobs in one hit was luverly.

    Try it and see.
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    I picked it up a week before I blagged last laugh last week, primarily to see if it assisted with rage starvation issues on trash, if I decide to OT for a night, or a bit of extra grunt for grinding.

    I use to use NS's slow sword with mongoose when grinding in TBC so it seemed a good idea.

    Nope, assuming omen weren't broke as a tanking MH weapon it was a good 1200 TPS lower than RSOC, rage was even worse, even in heroics and grinding wasn't much better.

    The threat I can understand, fewer hits, fewer S&B procs, and no doubt revenge as you mentioned, not to mention anything else stuttering with starvation issues. Simply put I agree with our Fury warrior with it being a DK stat stick. Nice stats, very nice damage, but having tested it it won't be part of my setup with the spec I run. Cleave was pretty nice, using that glyph as I did when levelling could be an idea, especially now with it hitting an extra mob.

    The only time I would run it is to be a dual wield shieldless tank as a stat stick in OH. However it is not a heroic or a KZ run pre 3.01 anymore, given the TP's in prot to beef up Shield slams to run like that (easy enough to be defcapped, and loose the odd 8k armour....) not having a board is a bit of a waste of time. I'd probably think about doing it in heroics with tier 8 additions just to drop ac/avoidance to be functional, assuming T8 is actually an improvement and not just a new range of badly itemised gear to annoy people of poorly performing gameservers.
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