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Thread: Resistance mechanics have changed?

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    Against a LvL 83:

    Resistance 	 Minimum Possible Resist
    128 	         10%
    219          	 20%
    340 	         30%
    510 	         40%
    765 	         50%
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    Hello, its me again. Thanks for all the info
    I might be a bit overdoing this, but as allready said, we are slacking in 10N still (its fun when youŽr drunk )

    This is a "list" i put together on our guild forum and i thought i might share this as a "thank you".
    Keep in mind that its only a list, if everything is needed, and lootable (have yet to see Ony drop a ring) as a completly different question
    Feel free to copy/edit it if you think its useful, or you found something i forgot


    Chest/Belt/Feet +115/86/86FrR

    List of Onyxia ilvl 245 tanking helmets (+10FrR) (bit of a dodgy workaround there to only filter tanking, damn feral gear :P
    Might be worth to replace that 251 helmet you might have if you enchant it (see below)

    For the sake of a complete list Titanium Frostguard Ring
    Not worth it tbh, im below def cap without geming for it allready, pure FrR+STA gear would only make sense for a bear i guess
    BUT: Ony resist rings: (+25/30) GIEV!

    Enchanting the gear?!?

    Arcanum of the Frosty Soul

    Formula: Enchant Cloak - Superior Frost Resistance The time is yes! Worth the AC/agi whatever bonus loss

    Fur Lining - Frost Resist LW only!
    would lose about 1200HP cos LWs get a bracer enchant for 62+ to the normal enchanting thing, but i think its worth it.


    Lesser Flask of Resistance Even tho it looks damn cheap, let an Elixier master make it, Boring Tundra is not the ususal farm spot iŽd guess. Trainer taught.

    Recipe: Mighty Frost Protection Potion Even cheaper
    The 2 pots per fight trick with prepull using is not needed, since we can reach phase 3 really easy (and that far more than 1 minute of the reuse cooldown, the 5kHP absorbed would be really wasted! Might be a good idea to preuse a Indestructable Potion for the start as a tank)
    So think of it as an Oh-Shit Button, a Healthstone you forget to use

    Icecrown NPC that drops FrR stuff, only if you have Alchi/LW/Ench in your group List of all resist drops in IC is somewhere in the comments. Dont get shocked by the drop rate, its really ONLY if you have that profession!

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