Originally a tank, I decided to spec Fury because I currently cannot raid and wanted to play around a bit to see what I can do in terms of DPS. As you can see, I already picked up some Naxx10 stuff and just threw everything together and had a go at the target dummies.

Having respecced in 3.0.3, I gemmed primarily for hit in order to get somewhere near the soft cap. Unbuffed (except for Battle Shout) I do about 1,3-1,5k DPS on the Boss dummy, not using execute. (3.0.8)
The only instances I have run as Fury so far is a non heroic Violet Hold. I could manage ~2,2k DPS on the Bosses. (3.0.3)

What I want to reach is a decent gear set for Fury to be able to respec and do at least competitive DPS when there is no need for another tank.
What to do now? Should I swap some of the +Hit gems or leave them? Is trying to cap expertise with enchants a good idea?

As soon as I am able to play more often again, I will try to replace the current trinkets with Meteorite Whetstone and the badge trinket.