I'd say make sure to grind your rep up ASAP.

Argent Crusade and Wyrmrest should be your priority for the Helm enchant, ring from the crusade and the gloves and weapon from Wyrmrest are good until you can get the Titansteel guardian made.

Then Ebon blade for the pants.

At 80 get the Titansteel guardian, Revenant Chest, and boots made, as well as a wispcloak. Titanium spellshock ring is OK as well.

Also you can usually buy the Helm of the Lightning Halls and Epaulets of Market Row fairly cheap (they go for about 40 gold a piece on my server)
If you have lots of cash of cash to spare Zom's Crackling Bulwark is a great shield until some Naxx 25 drops (it goes for 1500-2000 on my server)

Those items will help you get into heroics where you can finish gearing up. with epics or badge gear.

I would say starting out you should enchant and gear for Mp5 and Int before anything else. I had a hard time healing until I got a decent amount of mana and regen going.

EJ's has a great article on resto basics I highly reccomend. Shaman: Restoration - Elitist Jerks