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Thread: Avoidance Set - Comfortable Amount of Hit?

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    Avoidance Set - Comfortable Amount of Hit?

    I've been reading around here on tankspot for a while, but I haven't found a clear answer to a question that's been sorta plaguing me for a while now.

    I know that we should have multiple gearsets. But be it DPS/Threat, Avoidance, or EH, every warrior is going to need some amount of hit to be able to hold aggro well. Of course in the DPS/Threat set, hit/expertise should be a huge priority and makes it a non issue. But in the other sets, not so much. As I've been collecting gear for my avoidance set, I notice my hit is going down with each piece of gear.

    I run 10 mans with a set group of people, so all I'm waiting on is the RNG for a few things to complete my 10man avoidance set (repelling charge is one I'm highly anticipating). But even if I were to equip it all, my hit would be abysmal even as a draenei. One thing I'm doing now is using my red sword of courage with a titanium weapon chain on it to make up for my low hit rather than the more avoidance heavy slayer of the lifeless.

    So I'm floating around 118 hit, or 3.6%. I eat the 40hit/40stam food for raids bringing me up to 4.82% hit, and that's not counting the 1% I get from being a draenei. I feel that while this is sufficient, I still miss some crucial shield slams or taunts when they're really needed. I don't know if it's just a way of life or if I should be improving upon it in these gearsets.

    What kind of hit rating does everyone else have in avoidance/EH gear? What should I be aiming for?

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    The minimum amount of survival stats needed for all current content in game is very low, so I would almost argue that no one even needs a survival tank set yet. You can get away with a full threat set for nearly everything in game right now.

    But Ulduar is just around the corner so hopefully we'll be challenged a bit more.

    To answer your question though, I'd say it really depends on the situation. It depends on your healers and on your DPS. Generally you should start out with a max survival set that pays no heed to any threat or dps stats -- use that as your starting point and then over time try to shed the survival pieces in favor of more threat stats.

    I always gear to match what I know my healers can handle. I use just enough survival stats and then dump the rest into threat/dps. It's really hard to put a specific value on it since it will depend on how good your healers are, what content you are working on, etc. 9% hit from gear and buffs is always the goal.

    In my personal experience I find it highly satisfying to be able to dish out a lot of damage while I tank, so I really push the minimum survival stats down as much as I can so that I can pile on more hit, exp, block value, crit, STR, etc. Right now I am able to use both trinkets and my ranged slot for full DPS stats.

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    Think I logged out of my "standard" set, but can't check armory at work. Due to missing drops like the Maexxna belt and axe from KT hit is a bit too low, but it works just fine with threat anyway. Currently specced for 3drake and not in the fun deep wounds spec. Some alternative parts go in for trash tanking with much more block. Also keep other parts for maxing out at 43k for 3drake Sartharion.

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    Going for achievements is pretty much the only thing you'd really need a pure survival for, asides from the fact that Blizzard have monumentally well and truly fokked up WOTLK raid instances, especially on 25man content with the whole WG/Instance lag issue.

    More and more often I see and experience tank deaths due to the inability of healers to be capable of getting a heal off, or I see healers ganked as tanks are unable to generate threat with such diabolically performing game servers.

    Would I change my gear specifically to compensate? No I expect Blizzard to provide what myself and millions of customers are paying for.

    Is it worth gemming/enchanting new gear to compensate with an eye on new content and new difficulty levels? Yes, quite probably, given the added 9g a pop repair bills, you'll need the cash for that rather than regemming/enchanting later.

    Bottom line is can you cope with what you have? if so, don't worry, or use the other three sets of legs or chests for different setups given none have all the stats you want. My hit is low too, but I dropped some dodge for expertise, and dropped another TP from dodge to added rage so it can be compensated through.
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