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Thread: Bear Druids and Polar Armor

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    Bear Druids and Polar Armor

    I'm just curious as this is something our feral has started doing. Hes begun using the Polar Armor gemmed completely with stamina for tanking lately. His HP pool hits something around the mid 50,000s fully buffed when he throws this stuff on which completely eliminates the issue that he takes more dmg than any other tanks.

    The massive hp pool basically allows the healers to just dump their largest heals into him pretty leisurely and eliminates a ton of the overhealing which makes it work. I was quite surprised cause he has been struggling alot until this point but with a full 25 gear loadout and polar armor he seems to have found a sweetspot.

    He obviously doesn't wear it for everything since he can still hit 48k or 49k without it but when he does it completely trivializes things like tanking Sarth +3 and aoeing many many packs at a time. Keeping the aggro on him is a very minimal issue in those aoe packs too.

    What do the druids here think? Is this something that Blizzard may not have expected druids to do or could it lead to potentially massive hp pools in the future since resist gear tends to be entirely itemized towards stamina? Is it worth doing?

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    I don't wear any of the polar armor, and everytime that I've tanked saph I've never worn it. Usually in 25-man I've got about 37k hp with 44% dodge. I've never been one to stack stam though, but hey if it works...it works

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    For Sarth 3D he should be stacking that much HP but any other time it's not needed. If your guild is taking him over you because of that they are just being lazy, which they might want to be.

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