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Thread: Glancings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hit Me View Post
    That seems to be the growing trend around here. I've only been regularly visiting this site for maybe four months now and increasing amount of pompous, inflammatory, posts has been noticeable.
    The site has grown a lot recently. Advertising, in the form of Project Marmot, and the 3.0 changes causing massive shifts in the tanking community have caused the population of this site to swell. It's a good thing for the site, but also draws in a... broader spectrum of individuals. IMO the community here is still, on average, friendlier than a lot of the places I go for information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcstar View Post
    Doubting the posters skills: "don't consider them serious measurements"
    Well let me wake you up: unless you have seen the player play, achievements are the only measurements of skill.
    Ever heard of a little something called 'numbers'? (Yes, you can doctor a WWS report if you really want to, but I still consider a WWS report far more reliable as a measurement of skill than achievements.)

    Besides, even if achiements were the only yardstick we could measure by, it wouldn't automatically make them good at it. What you said and what I said are not mutually exclusive; it doesn't have to be one or the other.

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