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Thread: Thinking of moving some talent pts around

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    Thinking of moving some talent pts around

    WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Warrior -> Talent Calculator

    This is my current build but thinking I need to fine tune this build to get better dps results and look for more protection based talents for the raid as a whole. Take a look and tell me where there are pts that are wasted or could be better used somewhere else. Any real input would be appreciated but if you want to flame look for another post thanks!

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    If you're going for max DPS, move the 2 points from Improved Disciplines and put them into Improved Revenge. Take 1 point out of Cruelty and 2 out of Improved Block and put all 3 of those into Deep Wounds.

    That would give you the bread and butter max DPS Prot Warrior spec (at least right now).
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