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Thread: Defense 'Soft-Capd' Question about where to go now

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    Defense 'Soft-Capd' Question about where to go now

    Hi everyone, I've been reading TS for a while now, finally decided to post.

    I rolled my DK initially to dps as it is my first melee toon. However, I really enjoy tanking and have been keeping up with the state of DK tanking on the EJ forums. I am probably one of the few blood tanks pre 3.0.8 but I really enjoy it.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My questions are, now that I am over the defense soft cap and have moderately adequate health (armory shows me with 28887, however in game I have 31776 unbuffed, I don't think stoneskin gargoyle registers yet on armory as it also shows my def as 25 points lower then it actually is in game) where should I be focusing myself next? I think compared to other similarly geared DK's that I have low parry rating, and yet I also think i have low dodge as well.

    My guild currently has 3 Naxx10 groups clearing content and our Naxx25 group is just about done with Naxx clear, the only content we have not downed yet is Maly25. So with plenty of time/gear coming and going what are some good items I should be on the look out for? Or possibly emblem gear? I know I want the valor emblem cloak.

    Any and all help/criticism is much appreciated, thanks.


    Edit: Forgot to add armory link. :P

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    well, i most have caught you in your DPS gear so I cant really say your gear is bad or good.

    If your looking to compare stats, take a look at my armory. I have 4/5 T7.5 and I think im only at about 23% dodge and 19% parry (29% with BB running) which is more than enough for the current content.

    where to go? if you want more avoidance, stack some extra def/dodge gems, your stam lvl sounds fine, after that, i would work on your personal DPS stats.
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