Recently I began to test out some specs for PvP on my pally. I really resent going ret and am awful at holy so stuck with good old fashion prot. Curiously enough, it's not all too bad. I and and another Prot warrior did 2v2 skirmishes for several hours then went to bgs, where he got several achievements per game. I was impressed myself to say the least and I called on a rogue that I wanted to make a 3v3 with and we made a team called "Shield Wall SLAM". We did not do awfully, even though we had two tanks.

The World of Warcraft Armory

I consider 4 out of 7 good. I'll have some vids up soon about our pwnage with Prot PvP.

Prot Pally PvP spec: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

It's a lot about survivability, which is why we have the rogue in order to obliterate the healer ASAP then we squander with the rest. It's not too different from a Prot raid spec, the only difference is stun reduction and mor attention on Hammer of Justice. You'll have to alternate seals a lot in this spec because of mana, but I start arenas with Seal of Justice judging wisdom or Justice depending on the target. I thought this team would be a nice way to break away from the doldroms of PvP and start a new trend. Tanks now can enjoy PvP